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The Fish Police

 New EP
'Edge Myself to the Middle'
out now!

Listen to the new songs here


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The Fish Police are back with their new EP ‘Edge Myself to the Middle. Listen to it here or on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify 

The new songs deal with cactus plants and why you shouldn't climb them, the fact that cars just keep on coming and coming and why Helicopter isn't wearing any shoes. 

The Independent described the first single ‘Cactus’ as: “Joyful in its simplicity, a funk guitar line, glitching synth and 808 drums sitting under frontman Dean Rodney Jr.'s matter-of-fact, resolute vocals suffused with positivity.”  Read the full review and listen to the track here

The band launched the EP at South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas and have a busy summer of gigs lined up, make sure you check the listings to see if they’re playing near you soon!

'Something Interrupted' music video!

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